Sunday, December 30, 2012

Tempus Fugit

I can believe that it has been so long between posts!!  Time really does FLY!  It's been all work and no play, but now that the long holdays are upon us, PLAY is high on the agenda.

I know it's a little late for Halloween but I thought I'd put this up as I had a lot of fun making it.  This is made with one of the Configurations box sets and with bits and pieces that I've bought over the past few years from various places such as Inspiration Emporium, Alpha stamps and other online craft outlets.

I had a great time working out what I'd put in the various bottles and came up with the idea of making some fun and 'naughty' things out of FIMO.  I have't used this stuff for a long time and I'd forgotten how much detail you can add to it.  Worms, rats tails, oranges, the green apple and the pickled men's 'bits' (no I wasn't mad at the hubby, just thought it would be fun!) are all made out of FIMO.

The wine bottles, kettle and the hen are all dolls house miniatures that I picked up at the local hobby shop called Stainbridges. (I alway blow my pay packet here!!)

Here are some close ups of the different sections.

I can't remember how I made the blood, but it worked out well and because I have put some wax on the cork lid, it hasn't evaporated. 
(I have found that if you cover the cork stoppers with wax it prevents evaporation and inhibits mould from forming in the water.)

Skulls and Kettle
Pickled Worms

I have a close up of the picked mens 'bits'  but if you feel this may offend, please go no further!!

Happy Crafting.


Pickled Mens 'Bits'

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