Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Masking Tape

Masking tape has the great quality of tearing in irregular shapes. For the background of both these ATC's I have used masking tape, torn into strips and placed onto background card, before using the 'Credit Card' technique to scrape the paint over the top. This has left darker patches in the background where I have stuck one layer of masking tape over another to develop crevices. The raised levels have then been highlighted by the credit card, with less paint being scraped over the top layers. The mesh under the picture to 'Icon', I have treated with the naked flame of a candle. You need to be careful during this process, as sometimes the mesh can ignite. (If your full of hot wind, like me, you should have no trouble in blowing it out.) This melts the outer layer into irregular shapes. Watch your fingers in this process!!
With 'All things Vin', I have used a toothbrush dipped in copper paint, to create the 'splattered' effect in the background and lightly sanded the picture of 'Vin' to create an aged patina.

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