Tuesday, July 6, 2010

More Resin Canvases

This weekend I've been continuing to explore resin canvases. The 'Deep Blue Sea' is one that I'll probably enter into Scraptivate's latest challenge - 'Shades of Blue'. When I thought of 'blue' I thought of our blue planet and the fact that it is called this due to most of the earth being covered in water. The sea for me is a beautiful unknown wilderness with many dangers and secrets, so I thought that this canvas would be my homage to the sea.
First, I have covered the entire frame in Texture Paste including the inner frame to prevent the resin from seeping under the frame and wasting it. I then waited for the top layer to form a 'skin' before taking the end of a paintbrush and digging some lines into it. Be careful here, as the 'skin' can tear and you end up with a mess.
I have then painted the entire surface using a combination of Lumiere and FolkArt metallic paints. Light shades at the top graudating into dark at the bottom. I have then used any metal charms that I have collected over the years with an 'ocean' theme and added them to the inside of the frame. I have also scattered some washers and small bugle and seed beads amongst these metallic objects to create an underwater picture. On the inside of some of the washers I have put some Rhinestones (luckily these were jus the right size!!) in a very light blue to signify bubbles. I also added some Pearls in a blue/green to add contrast. Once I was happy with the arrangement, I mixed the resin and added it to the inner frame. The finishing touches were gluing beads in 'waves' over the top using Inkssentials 'Glossy Accents', highlighted with Stickles Liquid Glitter in 'icicle'and smeared some Golden Coarse Pumice Gel over the bottom to create a 'sandy' look. The rope and metallic netting were added and finally the words, cut from a Cuttlebug die completed the piece.

'Gothic Moon' was alot of fun. I have covered the outer frame with texture paste and left until it has started to dry and developed a 'skin' on the top layer, while the underneath is still damp and malleable. I have then used a scroll stamp to push into the texture paste to leave the 'scroll' impression. For the image, this time I have layered the resin to create a three dimensional effect to the background. I painted the background first using Lumiere paints. These paints have a beautiful sheen and finish to them. I then scattered small stars over the darkest part. The moon has been made by ironing some Angelina fibers between some Angelina Film and then using a round punch to create the circle shape. The bats are a Tim Holtz stamp, which I have stamped using Stazon Jet Black, but I had to go over it with a black 'Sharpie' as the paint did not take the stamp very well. I have then prepared the resin. I have used the 'Smart Craft' brand here. Like most resins, there are two parts, the resin and the hardener. Simply mix together and pour over your subject. It is self-levelling, so you need to make sure that the work surface you are working on is level. I have used a heat gun to bring any bubbles to the surface, where they 'pop' and you end up with a clear finish. Leave the resin overnight, so that is is well and truly set before you do the next layer. I have stamped onto two pieces of cardstock using Stazon Jet Black and then coloured one of the images with pencils, highlighting the edges of the tombstones and deepening the shadows cast from the 'moonlight'. This whole piece has then been mounted onto chipboard. I have cut out two of the large tombstones from the second piece of cardstock and mounted these onto chipboard and glued them to the first to create depth. Luckily I had a jewellry finding in the same shape as one of the stamped tombstones and I've glued this over the image too. This mounted image has then been placed onto the first resin layer along with another scattering of stars and a new layer of resin has been poured over the top. While this layer has been hardening, I have painted the gates and fence using Golden Fluid Acrylic in 'Micaceous Iron Oxide' and then spread a little 'Red Oxide onto a craft sheet and using a scrunched up paper towel, I have dabbed this onto the fence and gate to give it a rusty, aged look. The tree I have covered in black ink and then used a very fine silver pen to add highlights to show the moonlight. Once the resin is nearly hard I have pushed into it two more metal jewellry 'crosses' as the third layer to the background. (These are difficult to see, as the gates and fence have covered them.) Once the resin has fully hardened, I have attached the fence, gate and tree to the frame. The last thing I have done, (which is not evident from the photo) is to glue more of the small stars onto the frame at the top, so that the frame and the picture are linked further.

Thankyou Tag
After two canvases, I was all 'resined' out, so I decided to do a quick tag for a work colleague who has been very supportive over the past six months.

Much of the inspiration for this comes from the paper guru (as I call him) Tim Holtz.
Have a great week.

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  1. Its wonderful to see this fantastic work Sonia! I will be keen to see your future projects and how they (and you) evolve in the coming months of freedom. Go to it girl!!!